To reinforce his image as a chef with real and authentic bread

The selected cereals are ground slowly, “as before”, to preserve the natural elements and aromas of the grain.
Grinding with a grinding wheel combined with mechanical transport makes it possible to release and preserve the mineral, protein and vitamin fractions contained on the periphery of the grain as well as a large part of the wheat germ. Hence the exclusive taste qualities of original breads with distinctive flavours.
These flours make it possible to obtain breads with coloured, honeycombed crumbs, with typical and pleasant flavours in the mouth. Involving a good mastery of bread-making and fermentation, they testify to the baker’s know-how.

  • FARINE DE MON PERE – Wheat flour type 80
  • SECRET DE MON PERE – Wheat flour type 150
  • SECRET DE MON PERE – Buckwheat flour